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Convertion of the KISS DP 500 to the KISS DP 508 auch in deutsch verfügbar


- First, It works only with DP500 who hath the Sigma Chip revision B
- Needed Equiptment
- 1 philips screwdriver
- 1 IDE cabel, 40lines are enough
- 1 Y powerwire
- 1 You need a 80GB HDD who need as less power as possible, it works fine with a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, in the original DP 508 is a 3.5" Samsung Spinpoint SV0802N
- drilling machine
- Firmware for the DP508

  1. open the Player
  2. open the DVD Drive, then remove the frontplate, after this, remove the Drive from the player
  3. drill 3 holes in the higher holding plate, watch out that holes arent not to high, because the cover wil not fit if the harddisk to high.
  4. let the DVD Drive master, because the KISS can only boot from the master Drive, HDD Slave
  5. Reasemble the DVD Drive
  6. plug in the IDE cable to the controller
  7. plug in the dvd cable to the DVD Drive
  8. mount the HDD direct on the holding plate, direct, not with bracket as seen on the pictures because ist not stable enough
  9. plug in the IDE cable to the HDD
  10. plug in the powerwires
  11. close the Player
  12. make a full fw update with the 508FW
  13. the HDD will be automaticle prepared by the Player.


Press the button [Menu] to get the HDD menu
There you see the field "info" where you can see the size, the free space and the used space from your drive and you can clean and prepare the HDD.
You can copy the files by LAN or disx to the HDD. Therefor you have to go to the index of your LAN or disc and mark the files you want with [mark] and then start the copy witz [enter]
To delete the files from the HDD go to the HDD index and mark the files with [mark] and press [clear]
By pressing [mark] twice it marks all files in the directory

for information:
While deleting or preparing the HDD the player setups 2 ext2fs partitions, the first one is from 0 to 1000 cylinder and the second one is the rest of the Disk, it seems to be a kind of Ext2FS.

HowTo use a larger HDD than 80Gig, it cames from Dracula from the Goodstuff Board
The Kiss makes a standard partition table since it expects only one type of hd.... This tabe exists at 2 partitons ext2 first partition 1-1000 second partition 1-65535 If you got a pigger disk 65536 will NOT be the last cylinder of you Disk So that explains that only 40 gig is used..... The bigger the disk the less is used so the smaller the disk is made... What you do is delete the second partition... whitin fdisk while running linux.... and put a new pertition in covering ALL the cylinders... Reformat the new partition with ext 2 and the disk will be seen as a whole disk 200 GIG or more ...

with the firmware DP500 2.7.4 it is possible to flash the Player back to DP500
Have fun

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702.52 Kb
691.40 Kb
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718.17 Kb
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